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Blog Readers

Blogging can be about community, technology, politics, self-promotion, big business, small business, cultural awareness or Aunt Mary's secret recipes. That is the beauty of the blogosphere, each person blogs for their own reason in their own words. Blogs are written by real people with real feelings, opinions, motivations, and experiences.

However, as the blogosphere has grown so has the financial opportunity it represents. Now more than ever Advertisers, PR agencies, political organizations and bloggers themselves are reaching out to blog owners in an attempt to gain visibility for their products, services and causes. As a reader it has been difficult to identify which blogs are influenced by these organizations and how… until now.

Disclosure Policies are designed to allow bloggers to self-identify any affiliation, payment or other conflicts of interests that may influence the content of a blog. From banner ads and paid content to free gadgets and travel, disclosure policies allow you to make your own judgement regarding the influence on content you are presented with. Bloggers provide this service to you, their reader, in order to be as transparent as possible with their blog.

If you see a blog without a disclosure policy drop them a line and send them to disclosurepolicy.org. Demand disclosure and and help set the right tone for advertising on the Internet for years to come.

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